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King Cuddy



Growing up in the PNW, specifically speaking Washington State, from a small island town with nothing to do but cause trouble. Cuddy developed his love and taste for music after losing his cousin and best friend to gun violence at the young age of eleven. It wasn’t until after multiple run-ins with the law and near 5 years of probation, that Cuddy decided to bring his worries, troubles, and thoughts to the microphone for all else to hear. After a few years of running with the DTG (Dopé The Gang) crew, Cuddy branched out and started his own non-profit organization titled RFE (Royal Family Entertainment).

His brand implies that no matter our past and upbringing, every single one of us is a King and Queen. His message helps to promote selflessness and self-love in the black and brown communities. His style is more centered around the lyrical aspect of Hip-Hop while also delving into R&B and smooth easy listening that can be relaxed too. With many different flow changes and ideas to capture your attention, Cuddy and his producer Wyatt Wesley make everything you hear from scratch with hopes of captivating their audience.  

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