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Lul Bankro

Cruz Control


Born and raised in Orange Mound, Memphis, TN, it wasn’t very hard for Bankro to develop a passion for music. His difficult upbringing and dangerous environment challenged him to be greater than his surroundings. His past was faced with a lot of adversity which eventually got him in trouble with the law; however, he was able to leave that life, and channel his energy and drive into music with a plan to start a non-profit organization to help the poverty-stricken community he came from. His movement E.B.T (Eat Better Together) is the brand he stands for as he Represents Poverty and pushes to better the future for the kids, homeless, minorities, eventually spreading positivity throughout the hearts of his fans and future supporters through his actions and music. With a diverse style that allows him to seamlessly combine several different genres, he is able to touch a wide range of audiences. Romeo is set to release new content very soon. He will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time! #CurePoverty #CruzControl #EBT #EatBetterTogether

Lul Bankro

Lul Bankro


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