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In an era where hip-hop has become a voice of a generation, it is no wonder that the genre attracts such a diverse audience, despite its diversity, the industry is lacking diverse artists, and Hip Hop has seemed to become a parody of itself. Owen Thomas “V.I.T” Lakey Jr., was born and raised in the Acres Home area of Houston, TX.



Growing up in an area that spawned such rap legends like Scarface and UGK, “V.I.T” realized early that he wanted to become a lyricist. While other kids were hanging out, “V.I.T” spent a good portion of his time working on and perfecting his craft. It was at the age of 15 when he decided that this hobby was going to become his career one day. Influenced by artists like Tupac, Jay-Z, Soulja Slim, Juvenile and more, “V.I.T” was able to create his own signature brand of music. He has worked with several local Texas and Louisiana artists like 9ine, D-Bag, Joe Kane, Big Prophecy, Ms. Lee and countless others. In addition, he released “44 Hustla” in 1998 and “Showtyme” in 2002. “V.I.T” took a brief hiatus from music. However, when he returned, he returned with a plan and a business! In 2011, he decided to start Shake Em Up Records, LLC with his partner Edwinn “9ine” Henry. Upcoming projects that “V.I.T” is working on include, mixtapes “Something Fat to Smoke To”, and “Renovation.” On the heels of Shake Em Up Records’ newfound success, “V.I.T” has decided to release his highly anticipated debut album “Lyrical Movie” coming soon. His reach is far beyond just making music. “V.I.T” is also an accomplished screenwriter creating scripts for the animated film “Dogs” as well as “Tru Love”.

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